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SAP Data Merge and Split

SAP Data Merge

Due to mergers or acquisitions, multiple business units over time may end up using separate SAP instances. can help you realize the promise of single source management of product data enabling benefits such of a single golden source of product data management enabling company wide part re-use while reducing admin and maintenance overhead along with consolidating licenses.

Challenges we help you solve

  • Target global configuration

  • Source  data extraction

  • Map to target configuration

  • Transform, Load and Validation

  • Integration and PX adjustments

  • Collisions of Parts and MPN with BOM and AML adjustments 

  • Revision History

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SAP Data Split offers a separation (split) of product data and migration to the new company SAP to help you gain same or improved advantages with the new SAP. works at the database level to extract product and change data for:

  • Uses XLS, CSV, PDX Packages and aXML​

Challenges we help you solve

  • Data extraction based on separation criteria

  • Source data extraction without including protected data

  • Transform, Load and Validation

  • Integration and PX adjustments

  • Revision History of only the spilt data

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