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We provide customizations that seamlessly integrate with your SAP system to enhance and automate native processes, depending on your business needs.

SAP Customizations

Web based user portal with integration to SAP for documents with customized access for users


Use Case - Access from a large user base from manufacturing floor shop for spec and build instruction documents


Integration from CRM to ERP for customer generated events such as complaints and RMAs


Use Case - CRM based capture of complaints flowing into quality systems 


BOM and Data Validation Process Extensions


Use Case - Prevent change release of inconsistent or invalid BOMs per rules such as invalid parent-child lifecycle relationship or missing AML on BOM components


Push down BOM data and roll up types of process extensions


Use Case - Push down security control attributes down a BOM for all assemblies, components and documents. Roll up costs or status to assemblies (higher level)

Complex reports with unique layouts 


Use Case - Complex compliance reports or an aggregate consolidated BOM explosion report or a DHF reports with concatenated PDF attachments

Wizard like applications for guided data creation or process execution


Use Case - Rich guided web based UI interface to conduct a business process in SAP.  Typical examples are executing a PCN, creating a UDI, implementing an EOL, or a very complex part creation with multiple UI screens and controlled steps requiring validations.  


Event or schedule-based data creation and process execution 


Use Case - Periodic reports or notification on expiration and periodic reviews of documents as in medical device firms


Web based pre-built applications

Employee Training Record: Manage employee training against documents revisions via self learning or instructor led courses and self tests.

Templatized BOM creation wizard: Create BOM templates and use wizard based interface for BOM instantiation.

Available Process Extensions

In addition to having the largest selection of pre-built SAP Process Extensions, we can quickly develop process extensions based on a simple description of its intended functionality.

Each of our more than 100 PXs is affordably priced and comes with the guarantee: Work of the highest quality.

Title Block Related PXs

PPM Related PXs


Change Release Related PXs

Integration PXs


Is ERP application doing everything you want it to?

Tell us in a few sentences the type of action(s) you want to be able to do and we can build it or fix it for you.

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