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Cloud Support Services

Take managed services to next level by combining end user support and access to a knowledge base

Let us to keep your organization in great shape while you focus on your business

Our team at are experts not only in the administration of the platform but also at ensuring that the system adapts to your changing business needs. We provide high quality US-based admins, with an option to assign a dedicated person.

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Support coverage

  • User Administration

  • Data Import and Export

  • Monitoring Oracle Cloud environment (limits, licenses)

  • Reports and Dashboard Maintenance

  • Security Model (Profiles, Permission sets, Roles Hierarchy)

  • Oracle Cloud and desktop tools configurations

  • Interface with Oracle Cloud Support

  • Mass Data Transfer

  • Mass Data Transfer

  • Integration Monitoring

  • App Development and Enhancements

  • Release Management and Deployment Support

  • Custom Code Support (Apex, Lightning)

  • Automations (Workflows, Process builders, Flows)

  • Configurations

  • Access to experienced consultants and architects
    Release Readiness Support

  • Data Backups and Archival

  • Batch jobs, ETL, Scheduled Jobs

 oracle cloud support and managed services

Thrive with our Flexible Support

Quarterly Oracle Cloud Updates

  • Regression Testing of all core functionality and integrations

  • Managing and deployment of quarterly updates for Development, Test and Production environments

Minor Configuration Changes and Oracle Bugs

  • Adding, Removing or Updating few Attributes 
    Workflow Adjustment

  • Users/Groups Maintenance

  • Updates to Search, Dashboard or Report

  • Smart Rules/Preferences adjustments

  • Auto-number and List Maintenance

  • Event & Notifications Updates

  • Roles & Privileges

Intermediate Configuration Changes

  • Configuring new workflows including Criteria

  • Configuring a New Subclass; including attributes, lists and updates to existing Privileges/Roles

  • Updates to existing security model; addition of new Roles/Privileges and groups but not designing the security for a new Module or a major revamp of Security

Miscellaneous Support Items

  • Notifications

  • Initiation and follow up of customer Oracle Service Requests

  • General usage issues in Oracle Cloud (all modules)

  • Netsuite Integration Support

  • Product Support

Let us to keep your organization in great shape while you focus on your business.

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