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Cloud Training

Unlock the full potential of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications with Thrive trainings. Drive user adoption, increase efficiency, and maximize your PLM investment with our top-notch training solutions.

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Lagging user adoption can be corrected through education and training.

At Thrive, we offer comprehensive training solutions to help users and administrators make the most out of their PLM investment and available resources.

Our training programs cover a range of topics, 

Empowering your team to utilize the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications effectively

User Training

Change Analyst/Assignee Training

Oracle Cloud Administrator Training

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Training

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User Training

Empower your users with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the system effortlessly. Our training covers essential functions such as searching, item creation, submission to change management, and executing approvals. With these skills, your users will be confident in using the platform efficiently, enhancing productivity and overall user satisfaction.

Change Analyst/Assignee Training

To ensure smooth change management processes, our training equips Change Analysts/Assignees with the expertise to route changes through approver groups in the enterprise. This includes understanding approver and group assignments, cardinality rules, and basic workflow behavior. Additionally, we cover change analyst privileges and configuration to optimize change behavior.

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Oracle Cloud Administrator Training

Admins play a crucial role in configuring the functional behavior of your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. Our training enables administrators to update or create item classes, attribute groups, lists, change requests, change orders, and workflows. Admins will also learn the basics of implementing access roles and security, ensuring a secure and tailored environment. We'll also cover File Based Data Import (FBDI) and other bulk data import Cloud tools to streamline data management.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Training:

Unlock the power of data insights with OTBI. Our training focuses on creating Reports, Analyses, and Dashboards using BI Publisher and other OTBI toolsets. Learn how to harness data to make informed decisions and drive your organization's success.

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Join Thrive

for the best-in-class Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications training, and watch your team's efficiency and effectiveness soar!

Please note that all our trainings are a part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.

Ready to take the next step toward maximizing your Cloud Investment?

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