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Intelsat Corporation







Chicago, Illinois

Application Automation for Inflight Connectivity Service

Intelsat Corporation, a global company providing onboard connectivity and entertainment options, selected GoSaaS to implement the on-premises ERP application on their systems. 

Intelsat had partnered with GoSaaS for their previous projects which, as mentioned by their Quality Assurance Manager, was one of the reasons they chose us again for their Onboard Connectivity Service on-premises ERP being relatively unique and our experience in this solution was another reason for their choice. 

The project involved implementing on-premises ERP in their system, adding new attributes for automation and functionality to the tool.We provided assistance in scripting automation needs for their system. 


“I was impressed with GoSaaS' capacity of facilitating and anticipating the questions that we needed to ask and the items that we needed to consider to make sure that the end product met our expectations.”

- Quality Manager

With the new updates, their on-premises ERP application enabled them to automatically assign process workflow tasks throughout the system, removing manual redundancies and resource constraints that were previously part of system administration. 

GoSaaS was able to help them to achieve two of their main goals: project time and budget, as we met deadlines and were strict on estimates as originally decided.


“GoSaaS hit the project timelines and the budgetary estimates that we agreed on in the beginning.” 

Michael Musich - Quality Assurance Manager

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