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Agile PLM Support Services

Agile PLM maintenance services will reduce your internal Agile PLM support costs while maintaining or improving system performance and end user satisfaction. 

Our Maintenance Services will:

Ensure that your Agile PLM system is not just “up and running” but is optimized for operation and usability.

  • Allow your internal resources to focus on improving your company’s business processes rather than dealing with system issues

  • Reduce costs by using team of experts who have resolved 5,821 Agile PLM issues to-date!

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​Do you face these challenges in your business?
  • Users and User Group maintenance

  • Roles & Privileges maintenance

  • General usage issues in Agile

  • Event management

  • Searches, Dashboards, and Reports maintenance

  • Agile Content Service (ACS)

  • Instigation and follow up of customer Oracle SRs

  • End-user issues in using the application

  • Security setup

Application Platform Maintenance & Support Services

Agile PLM Infrastructure support

  • Server & Application configuration support

  • Database maintenance

  • Performance Optimization

  • Deployment of Oracle provided hotfixes

  • Deployment of Oracle provided averify fixes

  • Weblogic/OAS support

  • Capacity Planning

  • Server and DB backup & restore

  • LDAP support

  • Email Notifications Troubleshooting

  • Coordination with Oracle Standard Request Submission

Admin & User Support Services 

Users and User Group maintenance 

•    Roles & Privileges 
•    General usage issues in Agile (all modules) 
•    Event management 
•    Smart Rules
•    Auto numbers & lists 
•    Criteria 
•    Searches, Dashboards, and Reports 
•    Notifications 
•    Agile Content Service (ACS)
•    Instigation and follow up of customer Oracle SRs 
•    Other end user issues in using the application 
•    Security setup

How Does it Work?

agile plm support

Service Levels by Severity

*Resolution numbers are estimates.

  • Severity 1
    Response Time – 1 hour
    Start of Issue Resolution – 4 hours
    Issue Resolution – 48 hours

  • Severity 2
    Response Time – 8 hours
    Start of Issue Resolution – 24 hours
    Issue Resolution – 5 business days

  • Severity 3
    Response Time – 24 hours
    Start of Issue Resolution – 36 hours
    Issue Resolution – 10 business days

Is Oracle Agile PLM Doing Everything You Want It To?

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