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Agile PLM Installation Service offers simple/complex Installation of Agile PLM in Windows/Linux OS test, development or production environments. The setup involves application server(s), database server, load balancer and file manager installation.

Agile PLM installation components are summarized in the table:

Customer Challenges

Questions to ask:

  • What are the data loads and concurrent user counts?


  • Are there response time issues?


  • Is there a heavy use of process extension?


  • Are there heavy batch jobs that periodically run that impact the performance application server?

  • What is the impact of external system integration processes to and from PLM

  • What are the high availability requirements?


  • What are the load distribution and failover requirements?


  • What are the disaster recovery requirements?

  • What is the preferred OS and what are the network configurations (external user firewall, VPN, Load Balancer)

Agile PLM installation components are summarized in the table below:

To learn more about the health of your Agile PLM Applications, book an appointment with us!

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